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16.10.2012 | Web Video
The canadian skier testing their material in the Audi wind tunnel
Duration of video: 02:06 min.
21.09.2012 | Web Video
The German ski aces testing at the Audi wind tunnel
Duration of video: 01:40 min.
19.09.2012 | Photo
Preparation for World Championship season in the Audi wind tunnel
Sporty visitors at the Audi wind tunnel center: Four athletes from the German Ski Association (DSV) stopped in Ingolstadt during their preparation for the World Championship season ...
AS120294 / JPG
06.08.2012 | Web Video
Swedish Ski-Athletes train in the Audi Wind tunnel
Duration of video 01:52 min.
06.08.2012 | Web Video
Austrian Ski Team testing in the Audi wind tunnel
Duration of video 01:35 min.
01.08.2012 | Web Video
The Swiss alpine national team visits the Audi wind tunnel
Duration of video 01:34 min.
02.07.2012 | Web Video
Premiere in the wind tunnel for DSV ladies
Duration of video 01:32 min.
31.05.2012 | Web Video
DSV at the Audi driving experience
Duration of video 01:59 min.
20.01.2012 | Press Release
Audi and FIS continue strong alliance in the future
Audi also stands shoulder to shoulder with athletes of international skiing in the future.
16.01.2012 | Press Release
Kitzbühel becomes quattro capital
Kitzbühel is the domain of the Four Rings for an entire weekend in January.
08.11.2011 | Web Video
Germany’s ski aces head for the future
Duration of video: 01:08 min.
04.11.2011 | Press Release
New pastures: Audi starts ski cross commitments
“Skiers ready, attention, go!” That is the international starting command used for ski crossers around the world. Audi is now joining the athletes of this new trendy alpine sport on the slopes.
28.10.2011 | Press Release
Germany’s ski aces head for the future
Heading for the future with sportiness, safety and in comfort: At the official kitting out and vehicle handover event the athletes and coaches of the Ski Association not only received their cars.
21.10.2011 | Press Release
Audi FIS Ski World Cup opens in Sölden
When the new season of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup opens in Sölden this weekend, the ski aces from around the world will be competing under the symbol of the Four Rings for the tenth time.
20.02.2011 | Press Release
Audi looks back upon successful Ski World Championships
Today, the Alpine Ski World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen ended with a thrilling men’s slalom competition.
31.01.2011 | Press Release
Audi presents the world’s best skiers
For the period of two weeks, starting on February 7, Garmisch-Partenkirchen will be the place where the world’s best skiers meet.
16.01.2011 | Press Release
Audi: strong partner at the Hahnenkamm
The partnership between Audi and quite probably the world’s most famous ski weekend enters the next decade with the 2011 running of the Hahnenkamm race.