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11.06.2014 | Press Release
Audi to show its colors at Kieler Woche 2014
Audi and the Kieler Woche are jointly writing the next chapter of a successful partnership. From June 21 to 29, 2014, the company will be showing its presence as a premium partner.
14.03.2014 | Photo
‘World Sailor of the Year’ drives an Audi
Mathew Belcher took delivery today of an Audi S3 sedan (Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7–6.9; Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 162–159).
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05.03.2014 | Press Release
Training in the wind tunnel: Stormy times for Audi Sailing Team Germany
Audi Sailing Team Germany and AUDI AG are opening a new chapter in their partnership.
05.03.2014 | Web Video
Stormy times for Audi Sailing Team Germany
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14.08.2013 | Web Video
Panthers feel comfortable on water as well
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01.07.2013 | Web Video
Audi takes positive stock of the Kieler Woche
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30.06.2013 | Press Release
Audi takes positive stock of the Kieler Woche
Thrilling sporting decisions, a surprise winner at the inaugural event of the Audi Sailing Cup and a wide variety of presentations on water and land: Audi takes positive stock of the Kieler Woche.
18.06.2013 | Press Release
Audi takes celebrities and athletes on board
Audi is ready for the commitment in the far north of Germany: From June 22 to 30, the automobile brand will again be Premium Partner of the Kieler Woche.
28.02.2013 | Press Release
Premiere in wind tunnel: Audi Sailing Team Germany tests in Ingolstadt
An extra gust of wind for the German sailors: Audi Sailing Team Germany trained yesterday in the wind tunnel of Technical Development (TE) of AUDI AG.
21.01.2013 | Press Release
Audi hoists sails at Kieler Woche 2013
With its new poster, Kieler Woche 2013 is sporting an all-blue-and-white look, which makes it a perfect fit for Audi whose home state of Bavaria has a blue-and-white flag.
06.08.2012 | Web Video
Watch highlights of the Copa del Rey in this video
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02.07.2012 | Web Video
Audi Sailing Team Germany at the Kieler Woche
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24.06.2012 | Press Release
Successful sailing event under the Audi flag
The Kieler Woche, the world’s biggest sailing event, came to an end today with the final regatta events being played out on the water.
12.06.2012 | Press Release
Audi in Kiel: highlights, celebrities, sailing action
On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the sailing festival in Germany’s far north, Audi has extended its premium partner commitment.
08.05.2012 | Press Release
Audi expands program at Kieler Woche
Happy Birthday Kieler Woche: On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the sailing festival in Germany’s far north Audi is expanding its commitment as premium partner.
16.04.2012 | Press Release
Audi supports Sailing World Championships in Germany
It is a premiere: For the first time, the Laser World Championships will be held in Germany. Audi will be on board as partner, name-giver and supplier of the vehicles for the shuttle fleet.