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21.08.2013 | Press Release
Composure redefined – the Audi A8
Systematic lightweight construction, excellent comfort and a broad portfolio of high-end technologies: Audi has given its flagship, the A8, a wide-sweeping update...
21.08.2013 | Web Video
Audi A8 - comfortable travelling
Duration of video 01:53 min.
21.08.2013 | Web Video
World premiere of the new Audi A8
Watch the recording of the world premiere of the new Audi A8.
14.08.2013 | Press Release
Exclusively on Audi MediaTV: World premiere of the new A8
Audi is once again introducing a new automobile on the Internet: The online world premiere of the new Audi A8 will be broadcast exclusively on Audi Media TV (
14.08.2013 | Press Release
Highly effective: new turn signal light in the Audi A8
In the new Audi A8, the turn signal light consists of lighting elements that illuminate in a defined sequence...
28.06.2013 | Press Release
Leading the way in lighting technology: The new Audi Matrix LED headlights
Audi is now building on its lead in the domain of lighting technology with a world first...