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27.04.2015 | Press Release
Audi is the preferred address: top places in German employer rankings
“Vorsprung durch Technik” attracts the experts of tomorrow: This is proven by recent studies by consulting companies trendence* and Universum*...
27.03.2015 | Press Release
Technical University of Munich students win first Audi Autonomous Driving Cup
The prize for the best model car with piloted driving has been awarded to Munich: A team of five students from the Technical University of Munich has won the first Audi Autonomous Driving Cup...
26.03.2015 | Press Release
Premiere for Audi Autonomous Driving Cup
A model car that reacts independently to an obstacle that suddenly appears and brakes accordingly: Approximately 50 students from all over Germany are currently working on this scenario...
26.03.2015 | Press Release
Dual education in Italy: Successful start for social project of Audi subsidiaries
The two Audi subsidiaries Lamborghini and Ducati have celebrated a milestone with their joint social project “Dual Education System Italy” (DESI)...
12.03.2015 | Press Release
New home for Audi Academy
In the best location: The Audi Academy has now found its new home between the Danube, the New Castle and the Technical University...
11.03.2015 | Press Release
Wanted: Best piloted model car
Audi is taking piloted driving to model cars: Ten student teams will face off in the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup to find the best piloted model car...
10.03.2015 | Press Release
AUDI AG: Employees to profit from company’s success in 2014
For their committed efforts in the year 2014, Audi employees will once again participate in the company’s success...
01.12.2014 | Press Release
Universum study: top places for Audi amongst young professionals
Audi has achieved its best results in the renowned Universum study for young professionals since the survey started...
21.10.2014 | Press Release
Audi México: new Training Center opened
A great moment for Audi México: Over 300 international guests today celebrated the opening of the new Training Center...
21.10.2014 | Press Release
Audi México: Inaugurado nuevo Centro de Especialización
Un gran momento para Audi México: más de 300 invitados de alrededor del mundo celebraron hoy la inauguración del nuevo Centro de Especialización...
12.09.2014 | Press Release
The Audi family is growing: 724 new apprentices
Today, 724 young people are starting their vocational training at Audi. 483 apprentices are beginning their working lives at the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt and 241 are starting...
01.07.2014 | Press Release
“Dual Training” at Audi Brussels: successful conclusion of pilot phase
Audi Brussels is reaping the first fruits of its “Dual Training” pilot project. Ten trainees have passed thAudi Brussels is reaping the first fruits of its “Dual Training” pilot project...
27.05.2014 | Press Release
20 years of Audi Ideas Program
AUDI AG celebrates 20 years of Audi Ideas Program with impressive results: 58,040 Audi employees submitted ideas for improvements in the past two decades, adding up to a total of 838,070 suggestions.
02.05.2014 | Press Release
Audi subsidiary Lamborghini is the “Employer of Choice”
The Audi Group is more popular than ever as an international employer...
29.04.2014 | Press Release
Best job opportunities with top employer Audi
AUDI AG continues to grow and with it its popularity as an employer. This is proven by the current employer rankings of the consulting institutions trendence* and UNIVERSUM*...
11.03.2014 | Press Release
Audi pays its employees a profit-sharing bonus for the year 2013
The employees of AUDI AG will receive a profit-sharing bonus once again this year...
22.01.2014 | Press Release
Audi México en la senda de crecimiento
Buen balance al inicio del nuevo año: la planta Audi en San José Chiapa muestra los avances considerados en el calendario de construcción...
20.11.2013 | Press Release
“We for us. Active into the future” – Audi sharpens its focus on ergonomics
At Audi, human beings are at the focus of thoughts and actions – customers as well as employees...
29.04.2013 | Press Release
Audi is Europe’s top employer
Audi is more popular as an employer than ever before. The company recorded its fourth win in succession in the renowned employer rankings of the research institutes Trendence and Universum*...
01.03.2012 | Press Release
New Audi profit-sharing rewards employees for outstanding performance
AUDI AG is sharing the profits from its very successful year 2011 with its employees...