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08.10.2012 | Photo
AUDI AG: double-digit sales growth continues in September
Audi sales figures continue to rise at a double-digit rate: In September the company delivered around 136,600 automobiles to customers worldwide. This represents an increase of 13.6 percent. In the first three quarters, around 1,097,500 customers chose a model with the four rings – 12.8 percent more than in the prior-year period.
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10.09.2012 | Photo
Best August in Audi history with around 108,100 deliveries
“The A3 is arriving at just the right time, for Europe as well as for the United States and China. We want to grow significantly in their premium compact segments with the A3 model family in the coming years,” says Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG.
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31.07.2012 | Photo
Audi Group generates first-half operating profit of € 2.9 billion
„Following the healthy first-half business performance, the Audi Group plans to deliver a total of more than 1.4 million cars of the Audi brand in 2012 as a whole. The new A3 appears on the market in the late summer and will help Audi to secure growing market shares in many sales markets.“
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09.07.2012 | Photo
Audi boosts deliveries by 12.3 percent in the first half of 2012
New record for Audi: In the first six months of the year the company handed over more than 733,000 cars to customers worldwide, 12.3 percent more than in the same period of 2011. A6 along with Q3 and Q5 SUV models driving growth.
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11.06.2012 | Photo
Audi continues double-digit growth in May
AUDI AG achieved an all-time sales record for May with around 128,900 cars delivered and a 13.7 percent gain compared with the same month last year. The company sold around 600,200 cars worldwide in the first five months (+12.1 percent) and has now set itself a target of 1.4 million cars by the end of the year. In Europe, Audi has already delivered around 32,000 units of the new Q3 since January.
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09.05.2012 | Photo
AUDI AG: North American growth region with significantly increased sales
AUDI AG sustained its high growth rate from the first quarter in April, with around 125,200 cars delivered and a 14.4 percent increase over the prior-year month. Sales figures rose over the first four months by 11.7 percent to around 471,300 cars delivered. In April, the brand with the four rings posted clear growth in all regions. Picture: Audi A7 Sportback.
A7100124 / JPG
08.03.2012 | Photo
AUDI AG: Sales growth in all regions
Audi increased its sales in all regions of the world in February and exceeded the prior-year month by 16.6 percent in delivering 106,600 vehicles. Demand rose particularly sharply in China, where a new best figure of 31,352 units was recorded – up 65.7 percent. Audi also achieved continued double-digit growth in North America (+10.9 percent). In Europe, the Audi Q3 and the A1 Sportback, which was launched onto its first markets in February, attracted additional customers to Audi dealers.
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09.01.2012 | Photo
Audi: strongest sales growth ever
2011 a record year with deliveries up 19.2% to around 1,302,650.
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