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03.09.2013 | Photo
20 years of Audi Space Frame – it all started at the Frankfurt Motor Show
Revolution in lightweight design: Audi presented the „ASF“ (Audi Space Frame) as a showcar at the IAA 1993.
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03.09.2013 | Graphic
20 years of Audi Space Frame – it all started at the Frankfurt Motor Show
The body of the new A8 weighs just 231 kilograms - thanks to its ASF architecture and an intelligent blend of aluminum and high-strength steel.
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03.09.2013 | Web Video
The Audi Space Frame in the new Audi A8
Duration of video 01:57 min.
14.08.2013 | Press Release
Highly effective: new turn signal light in the Audi A8
In the new Audi A8, the turn signal light consists of lighting elements that illuminate in a defined sequence...
04.08.2013 | Press Release
Audi A3 1.6 TDI ultra: Versatile marvel of fuel economy
Audi has unveiled the brand’s most fuel-efficient production model. With 81 kW (110 hp) of power output, the Audi A3 1.6 TDI ultra consumes just 3.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (73.50 US mpg).
29.07.2013 | Press Release
First to market: Audi brings the new LTE standard to the car
Audi is the first carmaker to bring the fast LTE data transfer standard to the car with full integration...
28.06.2013 | Press Release
Leading the way in lighting technology: The new Audi Matrix LED headlights
Audi is now building on its lead in the domain of lighting technology with a world first...
25.06.2013 | Press Release
World premiere: Audi opens power-to-gas facility
Audi opens the e-gas plant in Werlte today making it the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy carriers. It begins with green electricity, water and carbon dioxide...
25.06.2013 | Photo
Audi e-gas plant
Reiner Mangold, AUDI AG, Head of Sustainable Product Development and e-fuels, Dr. Michael Specht, Head of the Department for Renewable Energies and Processes, ZSW Baden-Württemberg, Heinz Hollerweger
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