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09.05.2012 | Photo
High-Voltage Battery Project House
An employee connects lithium-ion cells to an electrical testing unit.
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09.05.2012 | Photo
High-Voltage Battery Project House
The glove box provides an air- and moisture-free working environment.
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09.05.2012 | Photo
High-Voltage Battery Project House
Loading an A1 e-tron battery system into a 3,000-liter climate chamber in the system test bench.
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09.05.2012 | Photo
High-Voltage Battery Project House
Electrical connection of an RSe (R8 e-tron) battery to the power test bench in the climate chamber.
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09.05.2012 | Basic Information
High-voltage battery project house at the Ingolstadt/Gaimersheim site
Audi is pressing ahead with its electric mobility activities and is launching operation of its new high-voltage battery project house...
04.05.2012 | Basic Information
The Audi Technology Portal
Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik. With the Audi Technology Portal, the technological leadership embodied in this claim can be experienced in multimedia form.
09.03.2012 | Photo
Audi at CeBIT 2012
Audi press conference, Ricky Hudi, Head of Electrical and Electronic Development, AUDI AG.
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08.03.2012 | Basic Information
Networked mobility – Audi at CeBIT
Audi, the leading brand in automotive infotainment, will present itself at the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany for the first time ever...
02.03.2012 | Press Release
From lightweight carbon fiber technology to by wire: the new Audi Technology Magazine
Will we be driving without a steering wheel in future, will cars soon be self-piloted and how much lighter can a car become? The Audi Technology Magazine is dedicated to these questions...