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16.02.2015 | Basic Information
Aesthetics in motion – Lighting design and lighting technologies at Audi
Audi is the world’s leading brand for automotive lighting technology, and new solutions such as Matrix laser headlights continue to drive progress...
14.07.2014 | Basic Information
The Audi TDI – Tech Workshop 2014
Audi is celebrating a very special anniversary in 2014 – 25 years of TDI. At the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in fall 1989, the company presented the Audi 100 equipped with a 2.5 TDI...
08.01.2013 | Basic Information
Audi presents new technologies at the CES
Audi will be presenting its new electrics/electronics technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas...
17.09.2012 | Basic Information
Audi future lab: mobility
Future mobility will be very diverse, and Audi plans to offer the right drive concept at the right time to every customer on every market...
09.05.2012 | Basic Information
High-voltage battery project house at the Ingolstadt/Gaimersheim site
Audi is pressing ahead with its electric mobility activities and is launching operation of its new high-voltage battery project house...
04.05.2012 | Basic Information
The Audi Technology Portal
Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik. With the Audi Technology Portal, the technological leadership embodied in this claim can be experienced in multimedia form.
08.03.2012 | Basic Information
Networked mobility – Audi at CeBIT
Audi, the leading brand in automotive infotainment, will present itself at the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany for the first time ever...