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18.10.2012 | Press Release
CAM Study: Audi offers best CO2 balance of premium carmakers in Germany
According to a study by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), among premium carmakers Audi is the brand that offers the best CO2 balance with CO2 emissions of 144.5 grams per kilometer.
02.03.2012 | Press Release
From lightweight carbon fiber technology to by wire: the new Audi Technology Magazine
Will we be driving without a steering wheel in future, will cars soon be self-piloted and how much lighter can a car become? The Audi Technology Magazine is dedicated to these questions...
22.08.2011 | Press Release
New Audi Technology Magazine – of visionaries and schools of fish
How will we get around in 2050? What can cars learn from fish? Through spectacular images and fascinating stories, the Audi Technology Magazine takes an in-depth look at these issues and more...