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16.05.2012 | Press Release
Audi presents a new perspective on mobility
The Audi Urban Future Award 2012 has set itself the aim of working out a new understanding of future mobility in collaboration with the six participating offices of architects and urban planners...
14.05.2012 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award 2012: The present and future of mobility in six global metropolitan regions
The start of the Audi Urban Future Award 2012: six architects’ offices from Istanbul, Mumbai, the Pearl River Delta, São Paulo, Tokyo and the Boston/Washington region will present their megacities...
12.04.2012 | Press Release
“R18 Ultra Chair” prototype at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan
Starting April 17, 2012 , Audi will display a pioneering project at the Palazzo Clerici: “R18 Ultra Chair – Public Beta.” ...
05.04.2012 | Press Release
Acoustic innovation: e-sound by Audi
Audi’s future e-tron models will cover long distances powered by practically silent electric motors...
01.03.2012 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award 2012: Roadmaps for future mobility in the city
Audi would like to continue to learn from cities – and to play a part in shaping the urban future. For the second round of the Audi Urban Future Award in 2012, six international architecture...
23.01.2012 | Press Release
Digital future: Audi at the DLD Conference
Audi is playing a part in the DLD Conference in Munich. Representatives from industry, science and culture discuss the digital future during the three-day conference ...
21.01.2012 | Press Release
“Audi Night” kicks off Hahnenkamm event in Kitzbühel
It is the highlight of the winter sports season: every year, ski lovers and celebrities journey to Kitzbühel to watch the legendary Hahnenkamm ski race on the “Streif”. Outstanding athletic...
30.11.2011 | Press Release
Design Miami: Streets without limits
In the future, streets will communicate with every road user – this hypothesis is put forward by architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in their vision of mobility of the future. Visitors to...
22.09.2011 | Press Release
“The city talks back” – Audi Urban Future Summit reflects theses on the mobility of the future
At the start of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, 450 international experts accepted Audi’s invitation to discuss the future of cities at the first Audi Urban Future Summit. The position
13.09.2011 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Summit 2011 discusses “cities of the future”
The cities of this world will change. Space, time, air – resources are becoming scarce. How can we create a good quality of life in the cities of the future, and in what ways will people be mobile?...
03.08.2011 | Press Release
Audi earns Brand of the Year honors
The Automotive Brand Contest was held for the first time this year. Audi finished particularly well, winning the special Brand of the Year category as well as taking home “Best of the Best” honors...
14.07.2011 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Summit 2011
The look of the city of the future remains an unknown. It would be too simplistic to conceive it only from the perspective of an automobile maker. Audi is therefore seeking to involve international...
09.05.2011 | Press Release
Long-term commitment in New York
Peter Schwarzenbauer, AUDI AG Board Member for Marketing and Sales, opened the events of the Audi Urban Future Initiative in New York on Saturday, 7 May. The exhibition of the Audi Urban Future...
09.05.2011 | Press Release
„Audi Urban Future: Project New York” – Architects’ quotes
Five up-and-coming New York architecture practices have been thinking about urban planning, traffic and ecology in the year 2030 for the Audi Urban Future Initiative...
05.05.2011 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future: Project New York: Tangible models for Manhattan in 2030
The word “Manhattan” conjures up images in everyone’s mind: The skyline, Time Square, Central Park and a city that never sleeps. And what about “Manhattan 2030”? Perhaps the skyscrapers are...
03.05.2011 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Initiative in New York: Is this what Manhattan will look like in 2030?
How might Manhattan appear in the year 2030? The Audi Urban Future Initiative was established to look into the future of megacities and individual mobility. At the Festival of Ideas for the...
09.03.2011 | Press Release
Foundation of the Audi Urban Future Initiative
The Audi Urban Future Award 2010 was the first step. Now Audi is linking this architectural competition to the long-term Audi Urban Future Initiative...
28.02.2011 | Press Release
iPhone app: Test drive the new Audi RS 3
Just in time for the exhibition debut of the Audi RS 3 Sportback at the Geneva Motor Show, a new app will arrive on March 3rd that allows all iPhone owners to take the new Audi model for a test...
09.02.2011 | Press Release
Lightweight design for winter sports: the Audi Carbon Ski
Know-how drawn from skiing and motorsport has been used to develop the perfect ski. The Audi Carbon Ski concept is an eye-catching piece of sports equipment with a minimalist design that focuses...
22.01.2011 | Press Release
Audi Night delights guests at Hahnenkamm
For some it’s the most famous downhill ski race in the world; for others it’s the social highlight of the winter. Downhill racers and athletes from the Audi family opened the 71st Hahnenkamm...
20.01.2011 | Press Release
A small-scale e-tron study: Audi at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
AUDI AG will be showing a selection of its products again at the 62nd International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Last year Audi became the first car manufacturer ever to present a selection of model cars...
01.12.2010 | Press Release
Design Miami: Filling up on creativity
Fill it up, pay, get on your way. It probably won’t be that easy with electric cars, since charging takes longer than filling up with gasoline or diesel. At the Design Miami show...
02.11.2010 | Press Release
The sound of silence: How Audi is working on the acoustics of future electric cars
The sonorous sound of a six-cylinder engine; the silky murmur of a V8: the sounds of combustion engines are a constant of road traffic that everyone can associate with a car. With electric cars all...
26.08.2010 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award Price ceremony in Venice - The Jury's Statement
Mayer’s project focuses on digital technology, but with a difference: The starting point is an existing urban environment. This leads to interesting, unexpected results. Technology here does not...