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25.03.2011 | Press Release
“Attractive Couples” on the Audi Stand
Audi Tradition is introducing an unusual idea to mark the start of the classic car season. At the Techno Classica in Essen, which opens its doors from March 30 to April 3, the Audi stand will be...
22.03.2011 | Press Release
Across Europe with Audi Tradition
Audi Tradition is beginning the 2011 historic car season with a very full programme. The heritage department of AUDI AG will have its “Museum on Wheels” on display at more than 30 events...
22.03.2011 | Photo
Audi Tradition
Fascination Mille Miglia: In a DKW F91 in Rome at night, passing the Colosseum.
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22.03.2011 | Photo
Audi Tradition Goodwood
In Goodwood on the start again: The Auto Union Silber Arrow Type C from 1936.
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16.02.2011 | Press Release
How DKW changed the automotive world
The first Audi advertising with the ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ slogan appeared 40 years ago, in 1971. Even then this technical leadership claim was well and truly justified. If we look back another...
16.02.2011 | Photo
How DKW changed the automotive world
1931 presented at the International Motorshow in Berlin: The DKW Front F1.
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12.05.2010 | Press Release
Audi Tradition – new presence on the Internet
Audi Tradition now has a new Internet presence online at, and in English at The new Internet pages provide an interesting insight into the eventful...
11.05.2010 | Photo
Screenshot from the new presence on the Internet
The new Internet pages provide an interesting insight into the eventful history of AUDI AG.
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21.01.2010 | Press Release
Audi Tradition: Online shop for spare parts
To keep fine classic cars looking good in the future: “Audi Tradition Parts” today launched its online parts shop for the Audi brand and those that preceded it. The range offered by Audi Tradition...
21.01.2010 | Photo
Audi Tradition: Online shop for spare parts
The spare parts stock of Audi Tradition comprises already 300 000 parts.
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21.01.2010 | Photo
Audi Tradition: Online shop for spare parts
Photos are taken of each part for the online shop, so the customer will have the possibility to see the spare part before he purchases it.
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06.10.2009 | Press Release
100th anniversary of Bernd Rosemeyer’s birth
The 100th anniversary of the birth of racing driver Bernd Rosemeyer, who was born on October 14, 1909 in Lingen in north-west Germany, is approaching. Audi Tradition will be laying a bouquet at the...
21.09.2009 | Press Release
Virtual test drive with Audi’s e-tron electric concept car
Audi fans will be able to drive the e-tron concept car through PlayStation Home starting in late 2009. Audi is the first carmaker to develop its own virtual area there, known as the Audi Space...
26.05.2009 | Press Release
How the “Silver Arrow” legend was born
75 years ago, one of the most dramatic chapters in the whole of motor sport history began. On May 27, 1934 the German racing cars that were soon to acquire the nickname “Silver Arrow” were entered...
15.01.2009 | Press Release
Centenary of racing legend Ewald Kluge’s birth
The most famous DKW motorcycle racer ever stood out for having supreme driving skills and a will of steel – two powerful qualities that formed the launch pad for a unique racing career. Ewald Kluge...