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27.03.2014 | Press Release
Special exhibition at the Audi museum mobile: history and stories about the Audi TT
In 1995 Audi presented a pioneering study: the Audi TT. The third generation of the sports car celebrated its debut in early March 2014...
08.03.2013 | Press Release
“I like it”: Fans to determine the line-up for the next Audi special exhibition
There will be 30 automobiles from the Audi Tradition collection to choose from; the top 11 will be showcased at the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt...
12.05.2010 | Press Release
Audi Tradition – new presence on the Internet
Audi Tradition now has a new Internet presence online at www.audi.de/tradition, and in English at www.audi.com/history. The new Internet pages provide an interesting insight into the eventful...