Energy efficiency table

Ingolstadt, 2014-04-02

Overview of the energy consumption of all models available on the german market


Model: Combined fuel consumption:Combined CO2 emissions: 
A15,9-3,8 l/100 km139-99 g/km
A1 Sportback5,9-3,8 l/100 km139-99 g/km
A36,5-3,2 l/100 km149-85 g/km
A3 Sportback6,5-3,3 l/100 km149-88 g/km
A3 Limousine6,5-3,8 l/100 km149-99 g/km
A3 Cabriolet6,6-4,2 l/100 km154-110 g/km
S37,0-6,9 l/100 km162-159 g/km
S3 Sportback7,0-6,9 l/100 km162-159 g/km
S3 Limousine6,9 l/100 km159 g/km
A4 Limousine8,1-4,0 l/100 km190-104 g/km
A4 Avant8,4-4,2 l/100 km197-109 g/km
A4 allroad quattro7,1-5,6 l/100 km164-145 g/km
S4 Limousine8,1 l/100 km190 g/km
S4 Avant8,4 l/100 km197 g/km
RS 4 Avant10,7 l/100 km249 g/km
A5 Coupé8,1-4,2 l/100 km190-109 g/km
A5 Sportback8,1-4,2 l/100 km190-109 g/km
A5 Cabriolet8,5-4,7 l/100 km199-124 g/km
S5 Coupé8,1 l/100 km190 g/km
S5 Sportback8,1 l/100 km190 g/km
S5 Cabriolet8,5 l/100 km199 g/km
RS 5 Coupé10,5 l/100 km246 g/km
RS 5 Cabriolet10,7 l/100 km249 g/km
A6 Limousine8,2-4,4 l/100 km190-114 g/km
A6 hybrid6,2 l/100 km145 g/km
A6 Avant8,2-4,6 l/100 km190-119 g/km
A6 allroad quattro8,9-6,1 l/100 km206-159 g/km
S6 Limousine9,6 l/100 km225 g/km
S6 Avant9,7 l/100 km226 g/km
RS 6 Avant9,8 l/100 km229 g/km
A7 Sportback8,2-5,1 l/100 km190-135 g/km
S7 Sportback9,6 l/100 km225 g/km
RS 7 Sportback9,8 l/100 km229 g/km
A89,1–5,9 l/100 km213–155 g/km
A8 hybrid6,2 l/100 km144 g/km
A8 L9,2–6,0 l/100 km216–158 g/km
A8 L hybrid6,3 l/100 km146 g/km
S89,6 l/100 km225 g/km
Q37,7-5,2 l/100 km179-137 g/km
RS Q38,8 l/100 km206 g/km
Q58,5-5,3 l/100 km199-139 g/km
Q5 hybrid6,9 l/100 km159 g/km
SQ5 TDI6,8 l/100 km179 g/km
Q710,7-7,2 l/100 km249-189 g/km
TT Coupé7,2–5,3 l/100 km169–139 g/km
TT Roadster7,4–5,5 l/100 km172–144 g/km
TTS Coupé7,9–7,7 l/100 km184–179 g/km
TTS Roadster8,1–7,9 l/100 km189–184 g/km
TT RS Coupé9,0–8,5 l/100 km209–197 g/km
TT RS Roadster9,1–8,6 l/100 km212–199 g/km
R8 Coupé14,9-12,4 l/100 km346-289 g/km
R8 Spyder14,9-12,6 l/100 km349-294 g/km