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Ingolstadt, 2009-05-26

The craftsmanship – Chronoswiss in Munich

Chronoswiss, a Munich-based watchmaker, is the development and production partner for the Tachoscope. Over 25 years ago, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang – founder of Chronoswiss – dedicated himself to his fascination for precision mechanics and is now considered to be a pioneer of the revival of the classic watchmaker’s craft.  Today, Chronoswiss epitomizes unsurpassed quality and continual innovation.

Since their renaissance at the end of the 1980s, mechanical wristwatches have become first-class collectors’ objects. Thanks to the highly complex engineering, traditional craftsmanship and exquisite materials involved, these ticking objets d’art are again highly regarded. Chronoswiss, headquartered in the Bavarian town of Karlsfeld near Munich, played a key role in this development. As the most senior among the ‘youthful’ makers of mechanical watches, in 2008 they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

In 1983, a time when quartz watches from Asia were advancing in their triumphal worldwide conquest and mechanical watches no longer seemed to have a future, watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang laid the cornerstone of his company. He remained steadfast in his firm belief in precision mechanics; eventually, his conviction proved to be true. His extremely successful independent family enterprise continues to prevail to this date. 

Chronoswiss set the standard early on by introducing wristwatch innovations, such as the glass casement. This glass casement, which has meanwhile become conventional, made the captivating mechanisms visible. Success proved him right, which is why this feature – made of durable sapphire glass – is an intrinsic part of every Chronoswiss. Further hallmarks are the screwed, characteristically milled bezel and often a solid turnip crown. The first wristwatch with a regulator dial face is credited to the seasoned watchmaker, just as are numerous other innovations with which Lang has progressively perfected the watchmaker’s artistry.

A further groundbreaking innovation was launched by Chronoswiss this year: The new Sauterelle watch is the first model to feature an in-house developed manufacture caliber “made in Germany”. Chronoswiss is thus making a clear distinction between the manufacture calibers used to date, which are all limited editions, and the Sauterelle, a completely new development that represents the first step on the brand’s path to becoming a manufacturer.

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