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This Electronic Press Kits provide you with background material (text, photos). You can access and save the files individually, or alternatively you can group them in a download basket and download all of them together. There is also the option of downloading the entire content as a ZIP file. Use for editorial purposes is free of charge.

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26.01.2015 | Press Kit
Audi Summer Concerts celebrate anniversary
The Audi Summer Concerts in Ingolstadt and the region are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2015. To mark this occasion, Audi will present a total of 23 concerts between June 30 and July 27. Kent Nagano is returning to present his own “Vorsprung Festival” as part of the Audi Summer Concerts for the second time.

20.01.2014 | Press Kit
Audi Summer Concerts 2014
The Audi Summer Concerts 2014 will feature internationally acclaimed soloists and ensembles performing varied programmes during a total of 15 concerts in Ingolstadt and Eichstätt and at Leitheim Palace. AUDI AG has been holding its own classical music festival – the Summer Concerts – since 1990. The engagement of Kent Nagano as Artistic Director of the “Vorsprung Festival” marks a new era in the festival’s history. The conductor will be responsible for this festival within a festival over the next three years.
11.09.2013 | Press Kit
Audi design wall
Audi and Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich – are celebrating another highlight regarding the reopening of the Pinakothek der Moderne. From September Audi will be guesting in the Pinakothek der Moderne with a wall installation. The installation called the Audi design wall will form part of the Permanent Collection of Die Neue Sammlung for at least five years. The exhibition object represents the philosophy of design at Audi in the context of a museum and makes design as well as progressive technology available to visitors.
29.10.2013 | Press Kit
Audi fleet shuttle quattro in „Ender’s Game“
Futuristic, progressive, cutting-edge: The Audi Design Team has developed an entirely virtual car for the filming of Orson Scott Card’s bestselling novel “Ender’s Game”. The Audi fleet shuttle quattro combines futuristic design with ground breaking technology. The filmmakers used the latest in digital technology to integrate the Audi fleet shuttle quattro into the film.
03.05.2013 | Press Folder
Audi Urban Future Initiative
Where, how and from what does the urban future emerge? With respect to future mobility, what might the contribution of a company like Audi be? What might that of an advanced architecture be? The Audi Urban Future Initiative raises questions like this in order to develop new perspectives for the sustainable city of the future. The results from it are intended to flow into the work of the Audi company. The interaction of mobility, architecture and urban planning is at the heart of this interdisciplinary exchange. The Audi Urban Future Initiative was established by Audi and is curated by Stylepark.
29.11.2012 | Press Folder
Audi Hosts Design Universities
Audi invited four European design universities to “Audi Design UNIverse” in Ingolstadt on November 22–23. For the first time, students and professors from Bratislava, London, Milan and Offenbach presented models to the Audi Design team.
15.05.2012 | Press Kit
High-end sports machine – the Audi e-bike Wörthersee
The prototype cycle “Audi e-bike Wörthersee” combines an electric drive and muscle power. Head of Design Wolfgang Egger comments: “As a high-performance e-bike for sports and trick cycling, it features the Audi core competences of design, ultra, e-tron and connect.”
27.05.2011 | Press Folder
Audi Trimaran – student project for Audi concept design studio in Munich
The Audi Trimaran is a new concept which integrates two jet skis in a motorboat. The hull architecture is based on a trimaran, consisting of a main center hull supported by two smaller outrigger hulls. Two jet skis are stored inside pods in the outriggers. The main boat is powered by two lightweight and efficient Audi TDI diesel engines, whereas the jet skis are electrically-driven. At low speeds of up to 8 knots, for example in bays or harbors, the boat can be moved using the jet ski engines alone, which produce no emissions or noise.

The Audi Trimaran was a student project by designer Stefanie Behringer (Pforzheim Technical College, Germany) for the Audi concept design studio in Munich. There are no plans to put the Trimaran into series production, but it is nonetheless an eye-catching project.

09.02.2011 | Press Folder
The Audi Carbon Ski
Know-how drawn from skiing and motorsport has been used to develop the perfect ski. The Audi Carbon Ski concept is an eye-catching piece of sports equipment with a minimalist design that focuses fully on one premium material: carbon. The concept study was designed and developed at Audi Concept Design Munich – but like a racing car, it can only be mastered by a top professional. For this reason, the team surrounding chief designer Wolfgang Egger began working on the development of a serial-production ski with the ski specialists from Head. The Audi Carbon Ski may become available already in winter 2011/2012.
26.08.2010 | Press Folder
Audi Urban Future Award
The urban life of the future will inevitably necessitate a careful examination of sustainable energy management and adapted forms of mobility. As a globally active automobile manufacturer, AUDI AG is aware of the responsibility it carries with respect to this development. With the Audi Urban Future Award, Audi is promoting architectural and urban planning visions. Six international architectural firms are participating in the competition for the most highly remunerated German architectural award.
11.08.2010 | Press Kit
"Sensory Design"
The emotional experience of driving has a prominent role at Audi. The development departments therefore also focus intensively on sensory experiences. The Nose Team uses its perfect sense of smell to track down new scents; the Haptics Team closes its eyes and runs its fingers over surfaces and materials to get a sense of their quality. For the acoustics specialists, it’s all in the sound; the lighting technicians make sure that you always have a clear view of things. Enter the world of the senses and enjoy the surprises that await you.
16.06.2010 | Press Folder
Audi Design soccer table starts production
A football is always a football! You can kick an old one around just as easily as a modern one. The same applies to the good old table soccer game. A strong wooden frame, 22 players and of course the traditional green pitch – what more could you need for excitement and fun? The Audi design team nonetheless decided to take a closer look at this rectangular table, and decided that a rounded-off shape would be better. Two years ago the Audi Design soccer table was still a study from Audi Concept Design Munich; now a small batch is to be produced. Times change: let nobody say that a table soccer game doesn’t have to look good. After all, in professional soccer these days the ball is made from polyurethane, not leather.

08.06.2010 | Press Folder
Justin Timberlake and the A1
“The Next Big Thing”: Six exciting internet episodes with Justin Timberlake and the Audi A1. Timberlake is John Frank, a straight-laced IT specialist. He meets the mysterious Toni, played by Dania Ramirez. John can save her life. More is revealed in steps – that's the idea. The tension builds until the finale – the final episode. There's never a dull moment between episodes on the Internet, either. On www.audi.com/a1 interactive elements at the end of each episode provide secrets, details and background: users get to know the characters, see the film from unusual perspectives, and flashbacks fill in the plot - each Tuesday from May 4 until June 8 2010.

Within this press kit you find background information, photos, the six episodes and five documentarys about these episodes.

16.06.2009 | Press Kit
Audi Daysailer - exciting model of a sailing boat
In technical terms a yacht, just like a car, is primed for performance and efficient travel. The way its design elements are reduced to the essentials is highly stimulating, because Audi design is similarly based around clear lines and engaging clarity. At Audi Concept Design Munich, the young, international team of designers opens our eyes to new ways of seeing things, experiments with shapes and objects, and draws inspiration from disciplines outside the automotive sphere. A university-level partnership with the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz, thus led to the modelling of a yacht, a Daysailer, which carries within it the DNA of Audi design.
15.07.2009 | Press Kit
Audi celebrating the 100th brand birthday
The Audi brand turns 100 in 2009. August Horch founded the company in Zwickau, Germany on July 16, 1909. Of the 50-plus German automotive brands which existed then, Audi is one of only three which remain. Throughout 2009, the brand with the four rings is proudly and happily celebrating its centennial at commemorative events and cultural celebrations.

Audi Tradition will stage more than 50 events this year: from spectacular exhibitions in the Audi museum mobile through vintage-car rallies to historic motorsport events. Audi will be this year’s “featured marque” at the world’s largest historic motorsport event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England – ideal for showcasing Audi’s entire motorsport fleet which spans 95 years of racing.

Epic celebrations await friends and fans of the Audi brand. A ceremony with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Audi Piazza in Ingolstadt on July 16 will kick off four days of special events, featuring historic racing cars at the Donauring race and a parade of stars on concert stages. Musical highlights will include renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang and Die Fantastischen Vier, one of the most famous bands of the German-speaking world.