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Ingolstadt, 2012-03-07

Audi connect

The term “Audi connect” concerns the engineering field of networked mobility. In a rapidly changing world, people develop new needs. Networked IT communication solutions became part of everyday life some time ago – be it work-related or personal. Many people, especially younger ones, desire uninterrupted connectivity.

Audi connect satisfies these needs by linking the vehicle with the driver, the Internet, the infrastructure and with other vehicles. Audi connect not only puts the Internet into cars but also puts the car online – and into the world of cloud computing. Cars will be a part of Web 3.0, the intelligent Internet, which will interconnect everyday objects to make them smarter and handier. Innovative technology will grant Audi customers more safety, more comfort and more driving pleasure. In short: more experiences.

Audi owners with a Bluetooth online car phone can connect to the Internet via a UMTS module, and soon via LTE – the next-generation mobile communications standard – which was designed to exchange large amounts of data. LTE can also play an important role in future car-to-X communication. It is a new technology which networks cars with each other and the transportation infrastructure to make driving cheaper and safer.

Audi connect provides drivers with customized services, ranging from Google’s POI (Point Of Interest) search to the voice control system all the way through to Audi online traffic information. Another innovation is Audi music stream, the first smartphone app by Audi connect. It makes it possible to integrate online radio stations and a connected device’s music collection within the user interfaces of a cell phone and of the vehicle.

Smartphone apps are an altogether key topic of tomorrow at Audi. Apps make it possible to remotely configure a car, for example. This is particularly intriguing with regard to future e-tron vehicles with electric drive units. Yet another application is the intermodal route planner. This visionary tool simplifies the planning and realization of relatively long journeys which entail using different modes of transportation. Moreover, this software guides users step by step.

A different Audi vision is known as “seamless media.” This refers to the wireless use of media data which Audi customers can store on any server of their choosing. In this way, they can use any terminal device to access and enjoy content. The customer can pause and resume playback whenever they wish, thanks to the services provided by Audi IT.

The equipment, data, and prices specified in this document refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.

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