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Ingolstadt, 2013-01-31

Digital space

In desirable city-centre locations, space is particularly tight ? Audi City takes advantage of that. With an average of around 450 m2 of floor space, the retail outlets have a compact layout that measures just around a third of the space accessible to customers in most classic dealerships. This is made possible through the digital product presentation ? which also makes Audi City highly flexible.

When designing the content of the virtual presentations in Audi City, the specific requirements of different international markets can be addressed in just a few mouse clicks. In countries such as Germany, the detailed representation of product technology will take up a lot of space, because German Audi fans are particularly interested in technical issues. In other markets, there may be greater emphasis on topics like design, safety or customer service. And: Each Audi City worldwide will always be kept fully up-to-date. New product information will be integrated into the presentation programme, as will current advertising campaigns and news from the world of Audi, because all Audi City locations are networked with one another and with a central server in Ingolstadt.

Audi City represents new opportunities in product presentation ? and thus, as an architectural concept, remains consciously in the background. By being covered almost entirely in digital projection surfaces, and through a minimalist design language and colour choice, the Audi City space takes a very definite back seat to its content. The extremely powerful technology that facilitates flexible use of the space remains largely invisible to the visitor. This includes features like the sophisticated sound staging that aligns sound in such a way that only certain visitors can hear it ? allowing several different presentations to be staged without the need for physical barriers between them.

In relation to its environment, the Audi City structure blends into the surrounding architecture, becoming part of the streetscape through its almost fully-glazed façade. It represents the openness of Audi City; connects the brand with the public street space and ensures through its special anti-reflective coating that the images on the multi-media walls can also be seen perfectly from outside regardless of the light conditions.

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