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Neckarsulm, 2013-07-08

Technical highlights of R8 models

The lightweight bodyshells
Audi’s lightweight design unleashes its full potential in the cars by quattro GmbH – it both increases dynamics and reduces fuel consumption significantly. In the TT RS range, the bodyshells are made largely from aluminum, while those of the R8 Coupe are all-aluminum. Thanks to the ASF (Audi Space Frame) concept, they weigh just a little over 200 kilograms. In the case of the R8 Spyder and the R8 V10 plus, the bodyshell also incorporates major components made from CFRP. A number of exterior and interior parts are available in CFRP for the RS models.

The seven-speed S tronic
In the course of its 2012 update, the R8 high-performance sports car received a new, dedicated dual-clutch transmission. The seven-speed S tronic, positioned behind the mid engine, is conceived with a compact three-shaft layout. It consists of two partial gearboxes served by two clutches. The direct gearshift, which takes place by switching from one clutch to the other, takes only a few hundredths of a second with virtually no interruption in drive. The seven-speed S tronic improves acceleration compared with the R tronic used previously. Plus, the long ratio of the top gear reduces fuel consumption.

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Technical highlights of R8 models
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