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Ingolstadt, 2013-11-18

Mechanical production

With 45,000 square meters, the mechanical production of suspension components covers about half of the built-on area in Münchsmünster. In Hall K30, the biggest of the halls, aluminum wheel mountings, aluminum pivot bearings, steel wheel hubs and cast-iron brake discs are produced in numerous variants; they are installed in the Audi models with longitudinally mounted front engines and in other automobiles of the Volkswagen Group. Wheel mountings and pivot bearings are completed in Münchsmünster with the wheel hub and other bolt-on parts and are automatically assembled into subassemblies.

As of autumn 2013, Audi has set up a dedicated new assembly line for each component. By the end of 2016, seven more lines will be added which are currently located in Ingolstadt. More than 50,000 components will then be produced in Ingolstadt and Münchsmünster every working day. The annual volume will grow from the current eight million to twelve million parts.

Typical mechanical processing steps are carried out on production lines that are automated to the greatest extent possible – the raw parts delivered by suppliers are drilled, milled, turned, washed, de-burred, brushed and, in the case of brake discs, partially painted. The painstaking efforts lead to uncompromising precision. Inline measuring instruments check the dimensions of the brake discs to the nearest thousandth of a millimeter; other instruments check the discs for possible casting flaws by means of eddy-current measurement. With the wheel mountings, an ultramodern coordinate measuring machine checks about 160 features per unit.

As everywhere in Münchsmünster, Audi’s latest findings also flow into the mechanical processing of suspension components. This includes for example a further improved operating data system which visualizes the production flow, a novel washing process, and processing tools that move around several axes and are tipped with artificial diamonds. Audi specialists overhaul the tools in the tool technology center, which occupies its own wing on the edge of the hall together with offices and social rooms.

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