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Ingolstadt, 2014-02-04

Audi City Berlin

With Audi City Berlin, the brand is further expanding its presence in the German capital – one of the world’s most vibrant major cities. The fully digital showroom is located directly on Kurfürstendamm, which has established itself once more as an exclusive shopping boulevard at the heart of the renaissance of the former city of West Berlin. Right next door to the new Audi flagship in the capital are stores from internationally renowned premium brands from the fashion, design and electronics sector.  Audi City Berlin at 195 Kurfürstendamm, covers a total of 804 m2, including function and office space, on the first two floors of a multi-story retail and office building. On the ground-floor entry level are four multi-touch tables, each measuring 32 inches. They communicate with three powerwall modules, which can also be controlled directly by gesture. Each module is three meters high – like the room – and five meters wide, with a total of more than 120 million pixels working in harmony. 48 speakers generate walls of sound that are precisely separated from one another. On the upper floor of Audi City Berlin are also two Customer Private Lounges, as well as a stereo 3D power-wall. In total, the virtual projection surface in Audi City Berlin covers around 87 m2. Working in the background are nine high-performance computers and six servers, which transmit around 20 to 30 gigabytes of data per Audi model. Four physical display cars complement the virtual brand and product presentation in the showroom.

Audi has further enhanced the technology of its city-center store in Berlin, once again demonstrating the brand’s leadership position with regard to virtual product presentations. Premiering in Germany’s first Audi City, a stereo 3D powerwall is the highlight of this metropolis store: It consists of 18 screens with a 12k resolution and measures around seven meters wide and two meters high, creating a total resolution of 37 million pixel. Innovative solutions ensure especially high energy efficiency, with for example light sensors regulating the monitors’ luminosity. Stereo 3D glasses provide visitors with a fascinating out-of-screen impression of Audi’s latest models and technologies in the remarkably spatial effect of stereo 3D. The range of equipment options that can be presented has also taken a further step up with the Berlin location – now including, for instance, the more than 40 exquisite exterior colors from the sophisticated individualization program by Audi exclusive.

Extending beyond the brand’s core business, Audi City Berlin will also provide an important platform for events, making it a central location for the brand’s expanded cultural engagement in the capital. This year, for instance, will see AUDI AG partner the Berlinale film festival for the first time. Visitors to Audi City Berlin will be offered a diverse cultural program – in the form of readings, round-table discussions and exhibitions on issues such as urban development and mobility or on topics like art, culture and design. Audi City creates new space for a brand in dialogue; it will become part of the urban life of the city.

Audi select
Audi City appeals to people who would like to experience the diversity of the Audi model lineup in a very special way. And Audi intends to transfer this idea to the road, too: Audi select is a new, very flexible mobility model for customers of Audi City Berlin. It combines the independence of personal car ownership with the desire for greater flexibility.

As an alternative to classic car purchase or leasing, customers of Audi City Berlin have the exclusive opportunity to drive up to three different Audi models consecutively over the course of a year at an all-inclusive monthly rate. As a premium program to meet particular demands, Audi select provides access to a broad range of models and technologies from the lineup offered by the four rings. Alongside FSI, TFSI and TDI models and the high-performance cars of Audi Sport, the range on offer will also include the A3 Sportback e-tron with its plug-in hybrid drive. Customers who opt for Audi select can choose from the wide range of the brand’s young used cars, thus enabling them to obtain and change their preferred vehicles at short notice. Audi select also guarantees maximum flexibility and spontaneity with its short contract periods: the usage model can be booked for a duration of as little as six months.

The convenient all-inclusive rate for the Audi select mobility experience also covers the costs of registration, insurance, tax and maintenance. The customer can design the rate to suite his/her individual preferences – depending on the selected vehicles, the desired number of vehicle changes, the duration of the contract and the mileage. A personal pick-up and return service makes vehicle changeover particularly convenient, be at the office, at home or another place selected by the customer.

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