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Ingolstadt, 2014-02-04

Technology transfer to the dealership

In special locations, Audi City complements the brand’s international dealership network and is an important innovation lab for the four rings in the field of digital sales technology. The concept was already closely linked with the classic dealer network, which is the center of expertise for the city stores when it comes to many processes in sales and service. Audi is now taking the integration of the digital showroom into its sales network another big step forward: The company has developed technologies from Audi City specifically for use in classic dealerships.

In future, Audi dealers can opt to integrate individual modules from the concept in the dealership flexibly and in line with their needs. This applies to the multi-touch tables, as well as to the powerwall for vehicle presentation and the exclusive Customer Private Lounge for sales conversations in an especially comfortable ambience. Through technical progress and continuous optimization in development, AUDI AG and its partners have already managed to achieve significant reductions in the costs associated with these innovative technologies. Thus, many retail partners are now presented with the opportunity to raise the display capacity of their dealership through the installation of a powerwall at less expense than would be possible with structural expansion.

Supported by an Audi expert, each dealer decides which module best meets the individual requirements of his/her dealership. He/she can also flexibly adapt the extent and configuration of the components to the specifics of the location. This year will see 16 dealerships worldwide adopt modules from Audi City, in Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Vancouver, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Thus, digital showroom technologies are successively making their way into dealerships – another step toward bringing together the real-life and digital worlds of the Audi brand.

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