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Ingolstadt, 2014-02-04

Visiting Audi City

Audi City turns car buying into an experience even before the first test drive. The visitor can configure his/her preferred car on the multi-touch tables. Like with a tablet PC, they surf through the menus with finger gestures, exploring the options in HD quality.

With one hand movement, the customer can then transfer their desired configuration to the floor-to-ceiling powerwall, where they can experience the car in almost 1:1 scale. The dynamic acoustic system ensures that the sounds that can be heard in front of the wall are the ones that fit specifically to the selected car and the content presented – e.g. engine sound, special music or spoken information.

In front of the powerwall, the customer can control presentation and menu navigation via gestures or steps – in this particular area, his/her movements are captured by a camera. An avatar – a human symbol on the powerwall – helps the customer to learn quickly the most important movements. Visitors have at their disposal a previously unheard-of array of presentation options: They can turn the car on the powerwall through 360 degrees, drive it through virtual landscapes and investigate its interior in detail. At the same time, visitors with a particular interest in technology can find out more detail on the world of Audi engineers from animations and knowledge trailers.

All these services are available for the complete Audi lineup. If they wish, visitors can call on the assistance of the Audi guide, who can talk them through the huge array of information on offer and explain the digital technology.

For guests with a specific intention to buy, there are also separate Customer Private Lounges equipped with their own multi-touch tables and powerwalls. For personalizing individual dream cars, there are actual fabric, leather and paint samples, each with their own QR code. If the customer would like to try out different color and equipment combination to assess their overall effect, the codes of the materials and colors on show can be scanned and integrated into the digital configuration on the powerwall and the multi-touch table. If customer opt for a specific configuration, they receive a material sample in the selected exterior color as a taster of their very own Audi.

Together with the Audi expert, the visitor can then place a direct order for his/her new car with the Audi factory. Alternatively, there is the option of saving the preferred combination on the customer’s smart phone via a QR code created at the end of the vehicle configuration process. This enables him/her to take the personal selection home and work on it there, during a subsequent visit to Audi City or at another Audi partner.

There are also reading devices on the multi-touch tables that recognize the customer’s current configuration via the QR function and can reload them to the powerwall in a matter of seconds. In a conversation, the Audi City employee can immediately tune into the current status of the customer’s decision-making process, thus saving time and improving the quality of advice provided.

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