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Ingolstadt/Győr, 2014-05-22

Manufacturing technology and logistics in Győr

Manufacturing technology and logistics in Győr are process-chain focused. The manufactured parts leave the line exactly where they are needed for assembling the engines. This avoids long paths, so the supply of parts to the assembly areas and the transport of the assembled components take place quickly and directly. The internal material flow is controlled so that only those parts are available that are directly required in the assembly process. This avoids expensive interim storage and enhances productivity.

The transport of material, parts and engines between Győr and Ingolstadt takes place mainly by railway. The supplied parts and components come from Ingolstadt, while the finished engines and automobiles are transported from Győr to Ingolstadt. 17 pairs of trains travel between the two Audi sites each week, guaranteeing environmentally friendly and cost-effective transport with short journey times.

The additional railway network constructed in the context of the plant expansion is eight kilometers long and constitutes 40 percent of the entire network of the plant site.

The company’s CKD (completely knocked down) activities have also increased. In 2011, the CKD group moved into its own hall. Business partners overseas can order CKD engines for local assembly.

* The fuel consumption and emissions values of all models mentioned in the text and of all models available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.

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