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Ingolstadt/Győr, 2014-05-22

Environmental protection at the Győr site

At Audi Hungaria, the focus is not just on quality and productivity, but also on sustainability, which is a key component of corporate strategy. Within the network of the Audi Group, AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. has made commitments to the environment, to society, to the economy and to its workforce. The company’s philosophy places importance on keeping environmental impacts as small as possible and conserving natural resources, as well as on precise workmanship and the high quality of all materials.

Audi Hungaria has had its own environmental management system since 1999. This system complies with the extremely strict regulations of the European Union’s EMAS seal of approval, and meets the requirements of the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Since 2011, the company’s energy management system has been developed – in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard and integrated into the environmental management system. This provides a structured framework for the company’s activities with the goal of long-term energy savings and increased energy efficiency. The environmental management system of Audi Hungaria has registration number 1 in Hungary – the result of successful energy management.

Following the comprehensive review and evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts, AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. has defined a number of goals. For example, the company aims to continually improve its environmental protection, to use materials and energy economically, to protect nature and to live up to its corporate social responsibility. With regard to production processes, Audi Hungaria considers environmental and energy-efficiency measures already in the planning phase, thus ensuring continuously efficient and environmentally compatible manufacturing. Furthermore, a large number of innovative technologies are applied at the site, also with positive environmental effects.

AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. not only monitors the efficiency of the production processes, but also reviews the sustainability of the supply chain within the framework of its own separate program.

The pioneering role of Audi Hungaria in the field of sustainability has been publicly recognized with a number of awards. They include for example eight EMAS Awards of the European Union, three Eco-Profit Prizes, two Central European Environmental Report Prizes (“Green Frog”) and the Environmental Saving Prize (twice). The company works actively in the “Virtual Power Plant” program, which coordinates the efforts of Hungarian companies for energy efficiency. For this involvement, Audi Hungaria received the prize “Mentor Company for Energy Efficiency” in 2012 and 2013.

* The fuel consumption and emissions values of all models mentioned in the text and of all models available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.

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