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Ingolstadt/Győr, 2014-05-22

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Since the company was founded in 1993, it has developed into one of the country’s companies with the biggest exports and highest revenues. With a total investment volume of more than € 6.7 billion, Audi is today one of the most important foreign investors in Hungary and one of the biggest employers in the region: Audi Hungaria recruited its 10,000th employee in September last year.

The engine and automobile manufacturer was voted Hungary’s most attractive employer in 2013 for the fifth time in succession. Last year, Audi Hungaria produced a total of 1,925,636 engines and 42,851 automobiles.

Győr is halfway between Budapest and Vienna in the northwestern corner of the Carpathian Basin. With 130,000 inhabitants, Győr is one of Hungary’s biggest cities and a major cultural center. Soon after being founded, the city was an important administrative center and episcopal seat, and received its city charter in 1271. The city’s development into the center of the Hungarian automobile and mechanical engineering industry started in the early 20th century. Győr-Moson-Sopron is today – after Budapest and Komitat Pest – the region in Hungary where the most companies with foreign involvement are located.

* The fuel consumption and emissions values of all models mentioned in the text and of all models available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.

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