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Audi Urban Future Award 2010


The Audi Urban Future Award aims to analyze the future of our cities in the context of questions of mobility, and to offer concrete suggestions for their reconfiguration. Because transformation cannot be achieved without the competence and participation of large corporations, the Audi brand is leading the way. As a premium manufacturer in the automotive industry, Audi is confident that there will be cars in the city of the future. Nonetheless, Audi has recognized the importance of conducting an open discussion over the direction in which mobility will develop. With this project, Audi emphasizes that the company is prepared to rise to the complex challenges posed by the future, whether technical, social, political or aesthetic, and to acknowledge its responsibility. Architects and urban planners are called upon to give objective consideration to various modes of mobility.

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26.08.2010 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award Price ceremony in Venice - The Jury's Statement
Mayer’s project focuses on digital technology, but with a difference: The starting point is an existing urban environment. This leads to interesting, unexpected results. Technology here does not...
28.05.2010 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award in London
With the Audi Urban Future Award, Audi brings six international architectural firms together in a competition to develop models and visions of the future interplay between mobility, architecture...
24.02.2010 | Press Release
Audi Urban Future Award: Visions for the City and Mobility of Tomorrow
The urban life of the future will inevitably necessitate a careful examination of sustainable energy management and adapted forms of mobility. As a globally active automobile manufacturer, AUDI AG...

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