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Ingolstadt, 2011-07-22

Audi Cup: Recognition of most valuable player

  • Expert panel of judges selects Most Valuable Players of the tournament
  • Spectators can predict their favorites by sending text messages
  • Audi Institute for Sport Communication coordinates decisions

The goal shooters at major soccer matches are the celebrated heroes. But who has played the crucial pass? And who has guided the game by keeping the overview of it? And who was the most valuable player in the semi-final and final games of the Audi Cup staged at the Allianz Arena on July 26 and 27? These questions will be answered by a high-caliber panel of judges that will select the Most Valuable Player in collaboration with the Audi Institute for Sport Communication after each match.

FC Barcelona vs. SC Internacional de Porto Alegre and FC Bayern München vs. AC Milan – these are the semi-final meetings. Immediately after the end of the games on Tuesday and also on the final day the most valuable and most important player of each match will be selected. The judging panel is made up of Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales of AUDI AG, and Toni Melfi, Head of Audi Communication. They are backed by experienced experts such as  DFB Sport Director Matthias Sammer and several sports journalists.

The work of the judging panel is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Josef Hackforth, who has been heading the Audi Institute for Sport Communication since its inception in 2004. “I’m looking forward to working together with these personalities as judges and am eager to see which players will attract our attention,” says Hackforth. The institute is a cooperative partnership between Audi and the Munich Business School. It aims to make findings from academic research available to the business community and specialized journalists and contribute to interlinking science and sports. An example of this is the MVP selection which Hackforth and his team are organizing again.

In addition to their expert personal impressions, the members of the panel are receiving statistical data to support their decisions. Impire AG, a company for scientific sports analyses in soccer, makes its player tracking system available for this purpose. Technique parameters, efficiency and dynamics – by means of conclusive statistics the actions of the five most conspicuous players can be analyzed. This means that not only subjective criteria such as creativity, personality and fairness count but also hard facts. A student team from the Audi Institute for Sport Communication makes it possible for the panel to already cast its vote shortly after the 90th minute. The students will deliver the player tracking to the judges and analyze the voting lists together with two lecturers.

The fans at the Allianz Arena are involved as well as they can watch the decision criteria of the jury on the screens and submit their personal tips. By sending text messages the spectators can select their personal favorites. The ones who submitted the correct tip have the chance of winning a soccer ball with the signatures of the team. The winners will be determined by drawings after each game.

Who will be the most valuable player of the 2011 Audi Cup? In addition to the trophy for the victorious team this title will be awarded at the Allianz Arena as well, and not just once but four times. Two years ago the panel of judges selected Wayne Rooney, Thomas Müller, Gennaro Gattuso and Michael Rensing.

Members of the panel of judges for the Most Valuable Players:
Peter Schwarzenbauer, AUDI AG, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales
Toni Melfi, AUDI AG, Head of Communication
Jörg Althoff, Bild München, Deputy Chief Sports Editor
Christian Falk, SportBild, Chief Reporter
Jörg Hahn, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Chief Sports Editor
Prof. Dr. Josef Hackforth, Audi Institute for Sport Communication, Director
Gerald Kleffmann, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Chief Editor, Munich Sports
Matthias Sammer, DFB, Sports Director

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