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Ingolstadt, 2012-05-10

The new Audi environmental magazine:
Step by step to a CO2-neutral site

  • The ‘Encounter’ series describes commitment to environmental protection and economical use of resources
  • Board Member for Production Frank Dreves: “We’ve made a promise to the future.”
  • Various examples of practical responsibility

The new Audi environmental magazine: Step by step to a CO2-neutral site.

Environmental protection has many forms at Audi, including rotary heat exchangers that keep the production buildings at a controlled temperature, production equipment that recovers energy, and ‘green trains’ that transfer Audi vehicles to the seaports. These are all large and small measures which contribute toward achieving an important goal – the CO2-neutral site. The second issue of the ‘Encounter’ environmental magazine contains remarkable stories and vivid pictures that show how the car manufacturer accepts its responsibility for protecting the environment and making economical use of resources. AUDI AG is publishing the new magazine in time for the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

“We’ve made a promise to the future.” says Frank Dreves, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Production. “Intelligent use of raw materials and energy takes us step by step toward a CO2-neutral site. In the future, mobility must be CO2-neutral – which means not only our vehicles’ engines but also the way we produce them.”

Manufacturing automobiles will always consume energy. But with an input of creative ideas from the Company’s employees, it can be ecologically acceptable. This can be seen from a variety of examples on more than 140 pages in the magazine. Audi is exploring new paths in many areas, researching new technologies and thinking outside the box wherever it can.

At the focal point of this process are the people who work day and night to achieve the goal of CO2-neutral mobility. Dreves emphasizes: “Ecological responsibility is not one particular person’s job. It’s something all of us must take seriously. We must understand environmental protection and make it part of our daily lives.”

With its picture material the magazine always seeks to illustrate the link between modern production technologies and the creative thinking of the people behind them. Its generous, clearly laid out format draws attention to important aspects of the topic, and as a dramatic multi-media addition to the written reports the magazine uses videos –static images become action scenes.

There is a glossary containing simple explanations of complex terms. A factual annex sums up Audi’s ecological policy and its widespread commitment to environmental protection and economical use of resources, with details of the Company’s guiding principles and a variety of examples from all areas. 

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