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Neckarsulm, 2012-09-28

Dates and facts: Environmental protection in the paint shop

  • The paint shop in Neckarsulm is setting standards in quality and environmental protection
  • 30 percent less gas consumption through modern burner technology

Robots automatically reach for the paint cans intended for a vehicle and then paint the body in several steps.

New buildings aren't the only ones at the Audi site in Neckarsulm to be optimized with regard to environmental aspects. Older buildings are being renovated as well. The paint shop is just one example. Already in operation for 17 years, the paint shop is continually implementing both small- and large-scale measures to help conserve resources.

Technical details:
The paint shop at the site in Neckarsulm is a leader for surface structure and quality in the VW Group. This quality is the product of the daily work performed here by some 1,150 employees, who are supported by more than 200 robots. The following models are painted in Neckarsulm: A4, A5 Cabriolet, A6, A7, A8 and the R8 as well as the Lamborghini Gallardo. The paint shop in Neckarsulm handles the entire process, from pretreatment of the bodyshell all the way to custom paint finishes.

Environmental protection:
When optimizing systems, care is always taken to use less energy and paint as well as to reduce varnish particles in the air. With emissions of 22.8 g per m² (0.67 ounces per square yard) of body surface, the paint shop is 35 percent below the permissible limit value. Issues such as heat recovery therefore play an important role for all systems.

Exemplary measures:

  • The exhaust air from the varnish dryers is cleaned by modern thermal after-burning units. Innovative burner technology made it possible to reduce the gas consumption of these after-burning units by some 30 percent.
  • Rotary heat exchangers are always used. They are extremely beneficial: 65 percent of the waste heat in the exhaust air can be recovered through them.
  • Reduction of the air balance in the spray booths made possible savings of 739,680 kW/h annually. 
  • The paint shop at the Neckarsulm site is one of the first facilities to use water-soluble coating systems.
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Dates and facts: Environmental protection in the paint shop
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