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Neckarsulm, 2012-09-28

The new engine test center

  • Aim: further increases in engine efficiency
  • 86 percent of kinetic energy is recovered

Audi engines are subjected to functional testing at extremely low temperatures in the cold chamber of the engine test benches in Neckarsulm.

The new engine test center in Neckarsulm is exceptional throughout the industry for its innovation and performance in power unit testing. At the same time, it is setting standards in the field of energy recovery and in the careful use of resources.

Technical possibilities:
With its state-of-the-art technology, the engine test center in Neckarsulm offers promising test conditions. The test benches are designed for maximum variability. Diesel and gasoline engines are tested and optimized for parameters such as power, torque and dynamics as well as consumption, emissions and durability under realistic and precisely reproducible conditions. In addition, Audi examines new types of drive trains here with alternative fuels derived from renewable energies. Further increasing efficiency is one of the key tasks. All in all, there are 57 engine test benches that conduct some 1,600 engine tests per year.

Environmental protection:
The engines aren't the only things here to satisfy the claim of “Vorspruch durch Technik” – the building does as well. Intelligent processes coordinate energy consumption from start to finish and guarantee the sustainable success of progress.

The inside of the building houses a modern air conditioning system with built-in heat recovery. The cooling water for the power units and for building climate control is contained in a circuit, meaning that the only fresh water needed is to compensate for evaporation losses. A central control system manages the air conditioning systems based on actual need and thus helps to conserve resources as well.

When the engines are tested on the benches under the toughest of conditions, the energy created is converted into electrical energy and fed back into the building network. Up to 86 percent of kinetic energy can thus be reclaimed.

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