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Ingolstadt, 2013-07-09

Audi flood aid: corporate donation handed over

  • Bavarian Red Cross, Deggendorf and Passau rural districts and towns are the recipients in Germany
  • Director of Bavarian Red Cross, Leonhard Stärk: “We are proud of the active helpers”
  • Peter Tropschuh, Head of Corporate Responsibility: “We want to provide effective help to the people on the spot”

Audi making an amount of € 1 million available for the recommencement after the flooding disaster: In Germany the corporate donation ias destined for the Bavarian Red Cross, Deggendorf District Youth Organization and the most seriously affected areas Passau and Deggendorf. (from the left to the right: Dr. Christian Moser, mayor of the city Deggendorf, Christian Bernreiter, district chief executive Deggendorf, Gerlinde Kaupa, 2nd district chief executive Passau, Martin Hohenberger, chief executive officer Deggendorf District Youth Organization, Dr. Peter Tropschuh, head of Audi Corporate Responsibility, Urban Mongold, 2nd mayor of the city Passau, Florian Seidl, 2nd chief executive officer Bavarian Red Cross, department of Deggendorf).

Audi is donating a total of € 1 million to help the flood victims: In Germany, the corporate donation goes to the Bavarian Red Cross and to the areas of Deggendorf and Passau, which were hardest hit by the flooding. Dr. Peter Tropschuh, Head of Corporate Responsibility at AUDI AG, officially handed over the donation to representatives of the Bavarian Red Cross, the rural districts and towns.

The Red Cross workers were faced with scenes of destruction in the flooded areas in Bavaria. Whole villages and urban districts are still devastated with enormous damage to buildings and their contents.

Leonhard Stärk, Director of the Bavarian Red Cross: “We deployed 5,200 people, some of them on several tasks and for several days. We are now concentrating on the rapid and fair distribution of the aid funds.” Stärk explained that Audi’s corporate donation would be distributed amongst the district associations of Deggendorf, Rosenheim and Passau. He also stated that the Red Cross was proud of the spontaneous help provided by the public, for example in clearing up, removing debris and repairing residences. “Also for the Red Cross, this was the longest and most intensive deployment we have had.”

The damage is enormous in the town and rural district of Deggendorf. The flood waters overwhelmed roads, private houses, commercial properties, schools, kindergartens, churches and clubs’ premises. The Deggendorf District Youth Organization, which will also receive a part of the corporate donation, provided up to 500 people each day with food, electrical appliances, brooms, shovels and even bath tubs. Voluntary helpers distributed several hundred tons of relief supplies in more than 3,000 man-days. Until today, the volunteers have been coordinating requests from the public, which meanwhile are mainly for construction material. “The team spirit and solidarity in Deggendorf are fantastic. Audi’s flood aid is making a contribution towards helping the people here who have been affected. Thank you very much,” said the town’s mayor, Dr. Christian Moser.

The Passau region is also battling with the effects of the flood. More than 5,000 inhabitants have reported damage and 800 houses have been flooded in the town alone. Special teams are currently assessing the extent of the destruction.

“A small sign of hope is the great willingness to donate shown by both people and companies – for us, this is a visible sign of solidarity in our federal state,” stated Mayor Jürgen Dupper. “Without this extensive help, it would certainly be impossible for many people to start a new life.” In total, damage of well over one hundred million euros is probable. The rural district is also hard hit, with over 500 cases of damaged buildings reported.

“We are determined to provide direct help to the people in Bavaria’s disaster areas – that’s our understanding of corporate responsibility in action,” explained Dr. Peter Tropschuh, Head of Corporate Responsibility at AUDI AG. “The positive cooperation with the towns and rural districts of Passau and Deggendorf and with the Bavarian Red Cross has made it possible for us to reduce people’s suffering here,” stated Tropschuh.

The finance departments of the rural districts and towns will now pay out Audi’s corporate donation according to defined criteria to the citizens who have suffered from the flood. In addition, Audi's Works Council is collecting a staff donation: Audi employees can make a personal contribution to the flood relief until July 15.

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