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Ingolstadt, 2014-05-27

20 years of Audi Ideas Program

  • Jubilee year with impressive results and numerous employee activities
  • Innovative ideas save a total of approximately 780 million euros
  • Thematic focus on sustainable concepts

The Audi Ideas Program celebrates its 20th jubilee. During that time, more than 58,000 employees have submitted ideas. The idea submitted by Günther Schiechl (left) and Manfred Schels (right) led to the car wash of the Audi customer center in Ingolstadt being converted to use industrial water.

AUDI AG celebrates 20 years of Audi Ideas Program with impressive results: 58,040 Audi employees submitted ideas for improvements in the past two decades, adding up to a total of 838,070 suggestions. From the ideas that were realized, Audi has derived a total benefit of 780 million euros. The company is celebrating the jubilee year with various activities such as participation in an Alpine rally and a special lottery with jubilee prizes.

“We are proud of our employees, who have enriched Audi with their creativity in the past 20 years,” stated Hendrik Michael, Head of Ideas Agency at AUDI AG. “Many of our innovations originated in our own team. Our success of recent years is based on this wealth of ideas, and we will build upon it also in the future.”

In 20 years of Audi’s Ideas Program, an impressive 838,070 ideas for improvements have been submitted, leading to savings for the company of approximately 780 million euros. The resourcefulness of Audi’s employees and the quality of the Ideas Program has been recognized within the industry: Recently it was selected for the eleventh time in succession by the German Institute for Business Administration as the best ideas program in the German automotive industry. Employees who submit an idea benefit from a sophisticated system of prizes of up to 70,000 euros. When high savings are involved, decisions are made by a commission of members of the management and representatives of the workforce.

“It is critical for us is that employees are rewarded commensurately with the benefit of their ideas. Because the motivation of Audi employees to put something special into their work every day is unique,” emphasized the Chairman of the Works Council, Klaus Mittermaier.

In the jubilee year, the company has organized activities that go far beyond financial incentives. Unique experiences can be won in a competition under the motto “Our employees – our success,” such as participation in an Alpine rally. Another jubilee lottery offers experience packages in the fields of motorsport, winter sport and culture. At a jubilee party at the Ingolstadt plant on June 30, idea providers, appraisers and staff of the Audi Ideas Program will take a glance on the 20-year success story. At the event, prizes will be awarded for the current year’s best ideas.

The topics of the Audi Ideas Program have steadily developed. At present, the main focus is on the areas of health and environmental protection as well as sustainability. Creative ideas have already been submitted in this context, such as recycling plastic event banners into modern Audi carrier bags. The best idea of the year 2013 in the category Environmental Protection/Sustainability led to the car wash of the Ingolstadt customer center being converted to use industrial water.

The Audi Ideas Program was established in 1994 out of the suggestions system of AUDI AG. Since then, line managers have been able to independently process the ideas of their staff and to check their feasibility. Audi also recognizes the experts’ involvement: Selected appraisers as well as line managers and idea coordinators receive awards for their commitment each year.

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